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We have the capacity and capability for

Project Management:
  • Project Management
  • Construction Management
  • Property Development Management
  • Project Proposal
  • Construction
Constructions of high quality:
  • Buildings
  • Infrastructures
  • Roads & Bridges
  • Water Supply
  • Sewerage & Drainage System
  • Civil Engineering Works

Our Success Factors
Considerable hands-on experience
Our capabilities are the result of a combined hands-on experience of our key personnel who are thoroughly skilled in their respective roles. Spearheading them are qualified Bumiputera engineers and professionals with successful direct involvement in large and medium-scale project management, consultancy, property development and construction activities.

Integrated construction solution
Customers can single source their construction and development needs by taking advantage of our unique integrated construction solution, backed by proven latest technologies, cost-effective methodologies and in-house engineering expertise.

Built to customers' satisfaction
We ensure customer satisfaction in all of our projects with our direct involvement in the entire process. We add value by working closely with them as dedicated PARTNERS through the planning, design, development and construction stages.

Value engineering experience
We offer a unique advantage of value engineering experience to keep customers’ projects on schedule and within budget. The experience has proven that our early involvement in evaluating design alternatives leads to large cost savings. Our experience and market knowledge can provide up-to-date information on systems or materials which may be more cost effective.

Qualified Bumiputera
engineers and



Certification we received .

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